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  • Emergency water filter built to military specifications

  • Ultra-pure forward osmosis filter works with virtually any water source

  • Generates up to 32 liters of pure water over a 10-day period

  • Uses sports drink syrup to add electrolytes to water; non-clogging filter design

  • Meets or exceeds all EPA criteria for bacteria, viruses, and cysts

  • Forward osmosis filter requires no pumping, works in any virtually and water, even muddy water. Produces a sports drink for improved hydration.

  • Meets or surpasses reductions for bacteria, viruses and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers

  • Product Description

    The X-Pack has been used by the US military and relief organizations around the world. It produces a clean drink from virtually any water supply. Produces up to a 5 day supply of clean drink.Meets Military specifications and is now available to the civilian market. The filter uses a passive osmotic process so it never clogs, requires no pumping and filters down to the atomic level (3-5 angstroms - which is .3-.5 billionths of a meter) so the filter removes even the smallest viruses to the same purity of a complicated reverse osmosis machine.

    Designed to keep people hydrated during an emergency, the X-Pack water filter is an ideal accessory for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. The X-Pack is built to military specifications--in fact, it's a popular choice among relief organizations around the world, and was trusted by U.S. soldiers to drink the floodwaters during Hurricane Katrina. The X-Pack uses a passive osmotic process to generate up to 32 liters of pure drinkable water over a 10-day period from virtually any surface water source, including contaminated streams, ditches, or puddles. As a result, you and your loved ones will have access to life-sustaining water no matter how bad the storm or accident. In the process, the X-Pack's filter never clogs, requires no pumping, and filters down to the atomic level (3 to 5 angstroms, or 0.3 to 0.5 billionths of a meter). The technology protects you from bacteria, viruses, and cysts to the same purity as a complicated reverse osmosis machine, so you're guaranteed to stay safe. And unlike most other filters, the X-Pack's water is enhanced with electrolytes. That's because the filter uses a sports drink syrup during the filtering process to keep people refreshed. The dilute sports formula makes hydration more efficient so people can stay safer for longer.

    The X-Pack filter works with virtually any surface water source, including yellow, brown, or dirty water.
    The X-Pack is simple enough for a child to use. Just put dirty water into the red port and a single sports syrup charge into the green port. The X-Pack's forward osmosis membrane will filter water as it's drawn into the inner chamber. Within four to 12 hours, you'll have 54 fluid ounces of safe, hassle-free drinking fluid. When the process is complete, simply pour the clean drink out and restart the system--no purifying chemicals or power input required. The bundle comes with one X-Pack filter bottle and ten 2-ounce syrup charges. Each X-Pack filter last for up to 10 days, and offers an output of 32 liters with the use of a resupply kit.

    About Hydration Technology Innovations
    Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI) is the developer of the most advanced form of water and wastewater membrane technology in the world. HTI has more than 20 years of experience in the forward osmosis (FO) field, having originally developed the FO membrane for liquid separation and concentration of food and beverage products. The company has since become a leader in personal emergency water filtration by developing portable FO membrane water filters that require no energy and filter water from the dirtiest sources. FO water filtration systems are used by military sources globally, and are a favorite of humanitarian disaster relief organizations dealing with contaminated water sources. HTI was founded in Albany, Oregon.

    Hydration Technology Innovations XPack Water Filter - B0026LUVUK

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