UHF Wireless Systems

  • MU2208B

    A Wireless Microphone System with excellent quality and professional performance. The MU2208B is a true diversity UHF system with automatic frequency scanning via IRLCD. The extended range and long battery life, plus easy setup and operation, makes it ideal for live sound, club sound, conferences, seminars, schools and universities – whenever quick and easy setup […]

  • MU800A

    TheMU800A operates on the less-crowded UHF frequency band giving you a clearer, interference-free sound at an affordable price. The system is well suited for presentations, DJs, houses-of-worship, and general PA applications. Mic Configuration: 2 handheld microphones Carrier Frequency: UHF 800-820 MHZ Frequency Response: 40 Hz-15 kHz ±3 dB Audio Output: 400 mV Distance: 50 m Transmitter Transmit Power: 15 mW Modulate Mode: […]