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  • This ultra-lightweight yet incredibly strong 3 Hole Stainless Steel Tensioner is compact, portable and exceptionally durable

  • Great for use with multiple types of Paracord, Rope, Cord, Wire, Yarn, String, elastic cords, and much more!

  • Adjust the rope, lock the cord and prevent your tent from flying away; Be ready for any unexpected high wind situation

  • Ideal for camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, tarp tiedowns, hammocks, holding up objects, clothesline, etc.

  • It’s the perfect size - 1.93 x 1.46 x 1.10 inches

  • Has your tent flown away? Have those cheap little plastic tensioners broke? Or maybe you just don’t trust them. Look no further! West Coast Paracord’s Stainless Steel 3 Hole Tensioner is here to fix your tent AND your emotions. Don’t stress anymore when you’re out hiking or at the beach and you think your tent is going to be seen rolling away like a tumble weed. Or worse yet when you’re in it! You know when you’re lying in your tent at night and all of a sudden, a huge gust of wind blows and pretty soon you’ve become the new tent stake holding it up. Not any more wind! Strap down that tent with this sturdy and durable 3 hole tensioner.

    This tensioner can also be used for hundreds of other things! Do you need a tiedown that isn’t big and bulky? This is the one for you. How about hanging your hammock to the tree? This will work great!

    -Manufactured from Stainless Steel making it lightweight and durable
    -Made with 3 holes for more secure knot
    -Simple design for easy use
    -A must have for any outdoor enthusiast!
    -Size - 1.93 x 1.46 x 1.10 inches

    -Tie Downs
    -Shelter Shade Canopies
    -Camping Gear
    -Camera Straps
    -Tarp Tie Down
    -Hanging items
    -Hanging small to large items
    -Securing camping rope
    -And much more!

    West Coast Paracord Stainless Steel 3 Hole Tensioner Guyline Adjuster with a Figure 9 Descender Ring Three Hole Connector - Great for Tie Down Tent Shade Canopy Camping Hiking Backpacking - B07FF9542F

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